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Mercedes Factory and Museum
in Stuttgart, Germany

As part of our 8-day/7-night Auto Factory Tour of Germany, you will experience the fascinating world of the Mercedes-Benz automobile. The 2-hour guided walking tour of the largest Mercedes-Benz plant in the world gives a detailed insight into the fascinating world of automobile production. The tour begins in the press shop, where the body parts are given their shape, continues with the ballet performance of the robots in the body shop, and ends in the assembly shop, where the bodyshell and powertrain are married together. In the logistics 'supermarket,' you can see how vehicle components are fed to the assembly lines, in part by two driverless transport systems named 'Bertha' and 'Gottlieb'.


At the museum, with a one-hour guided tour, you will experience the 125-year history with over 160 vehicle exhibits and numerous special exhibition pieces. Gain an overview of the history of the Mercedes with a chronological tour through the Legend halls that takes you on a journey through time, from the dawn of automotive history in 1886 right through to the present day. In addition, you will also travel through a series of theme-based collections spanning various eras, housed in five different Collection halls.


After the guided factory tour, you will have free time to walk through the museum at your own pace.


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